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Painting And Play - 02/02/2021

How do I keep inspiration going and dwell on that?

Always look for new excitement!

The biggest things that have been inspiring the art techniques lately is actually murals. This image is the wall behind my desk in my art room. I've done a lot more video calls lately, so I figured that this wall needed to look special and fun. It was really great having people get the excitement rubbing off onto them from seeing this huge mural behind me! I will say though, even though this bright cloud piece was so inspiring, every time I walked into my room to work I wasn't inspired. Instead, I started getting a feeling of being cluttered and stressed out. So. What do you do about it? Paint over it!

The final design is inspired by another artists' flower paintings with my own peaceful touches that match my room color schemes. It was so fun! I didn't plan it out, I just went for it and started painting!


3D Mural

A really fun part of experimenting with this large growing flower mural was I decided to test out making it three dimensional. That happened by adding a clay texture with a pallet knife right onto the wall before I start painting. I made several edges of the flower petals come up and out! Then the paint came on top of that. The very last thing I felt like it needed was using a bronze metallic marker to add a few outlines to the flower. It's so nice now! When I walk into my space, I'm filled with inspiration and peace like I'm sitting in a large garden. There's a really large window to the left of this wall. So the sunlight shines right onto the artwork and reflects those gorgeous metallic gestures!


So what...

I'm really looking forward to being able to take this 3D mural styles to the next level! As I'm writing this, I'm currently working on a mega ceiling mural at La Luna Cafe in Sioux Falls, SD. My deadline for that is mid March 2021, so I have planned more series right away after I'm finished.

I have the best clients! I can say that because the fine tuning experimenting for 3D murals will be on the wall in one of their farmhouse homes. We've worked together to plan the space and plan the piece - a gorgeous birch trees 3D mural in their basement bathroom. The perfect artwork that will give the space more brightness, it'll make the room feel bigger, birch trees are her favorite, and incredibly unique! She has a sewing room across from the bathroom and the living room space will be divided into playrooms for grand-babies. Perfect! Something fun, and at the same time, something that will also inspire her as she works! There's many more details about my idea to create more exclusive 3D murals. So I will be posting the all the process on my website and social media.

Murals aren't the only thing I have planned to work on creating! I'll be posting and producing more two dimensional paintings. Those will be published on my website and may art exhibits to prepare for!


Thank you for reading!

- Hannah V.

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