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Mural Work - 02/02/2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

A 9 foot paint brush. Yes, you read that right.


(Left to right) Salvador Jaime, Edith Jaime, and Hannah V.

Paint hit the ceiling for "Art That Brightens Lives" on January 15, 2021 at La Luna Cafe - 701 N Phillips Ave Suite 125, Sioux Falls, SD 57104!

To start, I didn’t want to have to haul around a large ladder or scaffolding. So in order to reach the tall ceilings that span about 1,000 square foot, I decided to build a 9 foot plus paint brush!

I’ve painted a ceiling mural before and figured that, either way, I’ll have to be using more

muscles in my neck and might as well make it fun! The composition is simple by design - not too busy that it would take away attention from others’ artwork on the walls, but still

lots of movement to keep your attention.


Original concept for the La Luna Cafe ceiling mural.

Inspiration Strikes

My husband and I actually finally came here for the first time around November 2020. We

walked in and felt such a huge presence of peace at La Luna Cafe. After we had our lunch, we were just chatting when I happened to look up and see their really fun moon shaped light

fixtures and the black ceiling. That’s when the idea popped into my head - hey! A mural that

goes along with their jungle space theme would be really cool! Ha, we were walking out the door when I decided to ask if they wanted a ceiling mural. And Salvador said they’d love that! The last year, I’ve been thinking and dwelling on the ways that I could sew my time and my talent, but have been stumped on how. Well, this was how!


Painting Class Happening!

Something really exciting that's happening to get more people to come and see the mural is that we worked together to do a painting class in February. We are painting a your own variation of the abstract seascape painting above. Included is your supplies and a free coffee at La Luna Cafe! Below is the Facebook link to the event and to find out more details, or you can click on the image above of the painting to be directed to the page. I really hope to see you there and to pamper you!


Gotta Get The Word Out

One of the goals for this project was to get the word out. Get it out there that joy is still found, even in "today's" issues. The simple and whimsical design is done very intentionally. By having something simple, and yet still interesting to be surrounded by, can easily invite any person into the a creative mindset. It is still possible and important to not let our hearts grow hard and for our love to not wax over. There is joy, peace, and hope.

- The images above and below can be clicked on to see two recent interviews! -

- 605 Magazine will have a section interview in their March issue, too! -

- Click on image below to view 605 Magazine articles: current and past issues. -

Completion date: March 19, 2021. There will be a mural ribbon cutting event that will be announced soon. So check back in over on Facebook, Instagram, or my website to get that date to you. I encourage you to reach out to me as well - I've really loved being able to meet you all personally at the cafe and chat about art and life. Thank you so much!


If you're interested in seeing the overview document for this project, click on the file below to view that. I'm so happy that this donation has become a huge blessing not only to the amazing folks at La Luna, and not only to me, but also to the many people who have been able to see the creation in process. I can't even imagine all the more who will be able to hold the joy that this project has given through the love of our God in the future!

La Luna Cafe_Mural Project_2021
Download PDF • 875KB
A quick design that inspired the final ceiling mural.

- Hannah V.

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