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Hello from the art studio creation space of Hannah V Fine Arts.


Hi there,

I'm the artist entrepreneur behind Hannah V Fine Arts.


If you've browsed through my collections, then you probably have a decent idea of the artwork that I create. (Click here to view my portfolio if you haven't yet.) 

What I do is simply stated as, art. I bring simplicity to a complex world. Joy, Comfort, and Peace are my goal! 

If it doesn't cause joy, if it doesn't bring comfort, and if it doesn't clarify peace, then I don't do it. 

I've owned my business since 2010. I currently am focused on abstract paintings, but have spent most of my career mastering charcoal and graphite drawing. 

Find out more about my art, my journey, and what's next in the NEWSROOM

   - Hannah Van Steenwyk


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