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Painting and Play - 07/01/2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

To some, creating art is too intimidating of a task. To me, it's play time.

Just deciding to go with the name of Hannah V Fine Arts was a process that needed my mind to be clear.
Painting is the food to my creative soul.

I love being surrounded by artwork - my own and others' art that spark inspiration in my work. Although I may be surrounded by beautiful things, I do get overwhelmed.

“You decide the size of your garden.” - Matt Tommey

This quote has connected to me by helping give a motivation and clarity boost to my mind. As described by artist and mentor, Matt Tommey, we get to choose the size of our gardens: how busy our lives our being filled with tasks. Just as a gardener decides how big their work load will be, we choose how stressful our lives will be too. I recently have become part of his Christian artists mentoring program this year and, boy oh boy, I have experienced tremendous growth in my art and business. You can check him and other free resources he has (like the awesome podcast that I listen to every week) at his website or by clicking here.

Create And Don't Stop

I've always loved to create on a whim. As a child, I would have never imagined that I have the God given ability to bring my art into my front and center focus. Over the years, learning to kick my butt into gear and actually go work on art in the studio was a major process. #artstudio #create

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