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H o v e r  O v e r  I m a g e s 

How Do I Commission A Piece of Artwork?

Buying one of a kind artwork is the best way to get something personal - and "brag worthy" into your home, business, or as a gift!

Below is the steps to take for you to work with me, Hannah V., on creating your next Masterpiece! 


It all starts with a dream, right? I think so, yeah! If you can dream it then I usually can create it. All you need to do is let me know how I can help bring this dream to life. I make it real simple for you, just fill out this form below to begin the easy journey of getting your own personal artwork. 

Get To Know You

To begin, please take the time to fill out the information below.

What's Next?

The commission begins! I will email or call you to start going over the details you included in the form above. Don't worry, I walk you through all the steps to getting yourself a Hannah V. original! It's important to me that I make sure everything is correct just to your liking before I begin creating. To assure we both benefit, there are two letters that I send to you for approval. These make sure that we both know what to expect from each other in this process. This is also the time that we discuss payments.

How Do I Get The Art?

During the making of a commission, I always send my clients updates, photos, and other fun behind-the-scenes glimpses on the purchased piece. Once the artwork is finished, we have the option of shipping it to you, or I would love to personally deliver and install the piece for you! 

All original artwork purchases include a signed Certificate of Authenticity, a thank you letter, and some extra little gifts - just because!

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