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In The Art - 03/01/2021

Let's See What's Happening

The Mural Is Done!

I'm SO excited for the "Art That Brightens Lives" ceiling mural ribbon cutting and reception event! The owner's of La Luna Cafe and I have planned an evening full of engaging topics.

March 19, 2021 from 6-8 pm at La Luna Cafe - 701 N Phillips Ave Suite 125, Sioux Falls, SD.

It will include:

  • Live acoustic guitar by my husband, Caleb

  • I'll be painting the final touches of the 1,000 square foot mural with gold paint

  • Artist talk (Hannah V Fine Arts)

  • Owner talk (La Luna Cafe family)

  • Q & A, to communicate with the folks that have questions

  • Time to mingle

  • Free public event

The Future Is Bright

Now then, there are plans for after this huge project is finished. Among those plans are things big and small. Some are an inventory sale happening April 9 to 11th. Ha, yes, my artwork inventory has gotten pretty overflowed... So I realized the need for a sale! Please visit the event page to learn more by clicking the link below. - But make sure to finish reading this article first! -

But also, I've been thinking lately that I need to get more masterful and confident in my portraiture skills - abstract, surreal, and realistic. I'm really excited for the ideas that have come to me on how I'm going to go about this!

Below is just a taste of previous pieces, which are part of different collections over the years that I have done. I'm using these, along with some other inspirations, to imagine what this new collection might look like.

Decision Made!

Over many years of creating fine art, I now have a body of work that I can pull and recycle inspiration from. The decision has been made to tie together my most recent abstract landscapes with encouraging portraits in the foreground. These will be using oil and acrylic to create a full painting series. I'm looking forward to this collection because one of the themes will be pushing women to genuinely acknowledge their beauty, even without makeup, even with wrinkles, even with age spots, even after children, and even with or without anything else. We are all, not just women, created as amazing pieces of artwork. It'll be so great to work on these pieces and see the outcome have a chance to encourage folks.

More details on the progress of paintings, events, gallery show, and more will be announced.

Hannah V. of Hannah V Fine Arts at La Luna Cafe in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Here's some fellow artists and folks that I highly recommend and have loved working with!

> Tara Barney and her husband with Red Door Creations

> Matt Tommey as a mentor and artist

> The Empire Lifestyle Magazine and Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

> La Luna Cafe and their amazing establishment

> Matt with the South Dakota Independent Auto Dealers Association (SDIADA)


Thank you for reading and for your support! - Hannah V.

Photos by Hannah Van Steenwyk. All rights reserved. Hannah V Fine Arts.

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