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Mural Work - 07/01/2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Painting a beautiful large mural isn't for everyone, but it's something that I love to keep exclusive and luxurious!

The first mural I completed was a super small piece of a sunflower man concept on the side building wall at my dad's car dealership in Sioux Falls, SD. This one was inspired by the business guidance I received from him while growing up and building my art interest as a career.

He would always make sure to ask the important questions. I used to think these questions were weird and, if I'm being honest, a little annoying as a child. Now, I get to look back on his questions with the full appreciation of his love and pride for me.

“Do you realize what it's going to take?” - Dad

I get less of these questions now when describing projects, but when I do, it brings me back to the days that I didn't quite know better but got to find the support and footing along the way.

The Next Mural Was Way...Way Bigger

A good friend ended up referring me to my next mural project a year after my first one. I found out that the family wanting a mural done, not only was on a ceiling in their home, but it was restoring a 100 year old existing creation! I was ready for this.

Hannah V. working on an oil paint ceiling mural in 2017.


- Hannah V.

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