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The Artist - 07/01/2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Who am I? Well, hello! My name is Hannah Van Steenwyk and welcome to the Newsroom. I'm happy you're here; let me show you around!

I have to say, it really makes me so happy that you took some time to open the Newsroom. My Newsroom is for all things my art and faith. Truly, hopefully you find what you're looking for and maybe even take with you a drop or two of joy.

The biggest passions in my life have always driven themselves from the most joyful things in life. Over the last seven years, the value of family connection has grown in my heart. I'm married to the most patient and strong man. Caleb is not a high school sweetheart, but a middle school one! Our story of coming back into connection was so strong that neither of us could brush the other one off without a second glance. I'm one of six children to two amazing parents that always have never hesitated to show love and grace to their family.

Hobbies and More

I LOVE to travel. Never before did I realize that traveling and experiencing new environments fueled my creativity so much until I actually allowed myself to enjoy the experience of travel. If you like to look through travel photos, then migrate over to Instagram and check out the travel stories highlight. I have plenty of gorgeous landscape captures and some wacky finds that are only found in small towns.

Gardening was something that I grew up with. Getting outside to care for a garden full of plants hasn't always been a passion, actually as a child I never liked how sweaty I would get from just watering the garden, but now I love it!

It's amazing what's in our products that we would have never thought of before. The last several years, I have been growing my interest and active use of more natural cleaning supplies. Gotta say, I really love shopping on since they have many brands all in one spot. They've even expanded their selection over the last three years...although that's given a bigger temptation to our wallet.

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