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The Artists' Knowledge: Revival by Hannah V.

The Artists' Knowledge: Revival by Hannah V.

The Artists' Knowledge is a series that explores the behind-the-scenes story of the artwork made at Hannah V Fine Arts. 
    Join in the creative process of Hannah V Fine Arts' series of artwork in these flip books dedicated to each new fine art collection. The Artists' Knowledge: Revival is an exploration of every inspiration to the series, "Revival," displayed in exhibit October 2020. In this book you get the behind-the-scenes exclusives that went into the making of the entire originally small series of fine art abstract paintings. Revival is the walk through my creative process in the art studio, the original indspiration for, and the aftermath of the "Revival" sereis of artworks made and displayed for the first time in late 2020. With artist, Hannah V. of Hannah V Fine Arts, let's go deep into what makes the journey of creating beautiful pieces of artwork that bring comfort to your home!
Hope you enjoy the journey!
Please note that commissioned artwork gets its own book and will not be published in order to keep the one-of-a-kind exclusivity.
Go to to learn more.
Happy learning!
- Hannah V.

Do not duplicate or share digital files of original content. For the hard copy of books, go to to find them there. Everything is copyright 2020.

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